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With Nume we make building a new house simple.  Pick from one of our model houses and we will guide you through the process.Urban Contemporary housing is our specialty and we are committed to providing high quality houses for our clients.


Select / Aquire Property

The initial step in the process is to determine where your new house will be located. We recommend buyers work with a local real estate agent to find property in your area. This is also a good time to have the topographical and geotechnical surveys performed by local third-party engineers, as these are necessary before we can proceed.

You will need to consider:

  • Size of the Parcel

  • Access to and from the parcel

  • Local zoning requirements

  • Neighborhood covenants


Select your House

Once you have a property selected. the next step is to select one of our house designs. Your property will help dictate what shapes and size of house will fit.

We will help you select one of the house designs that will work with the specific requirements of your property. Typically a representative from Nume will meet with you at your lot and evaluate the project’s general feasibility.


Finalize Design & Contract

Once you are comfortable with the specific house design. The next step is for you to sign our design agreement, which includes a retainer fee of $25,000. (The retainer will be credited toward the purchase price of your home)


This is the phase where we will research the zoning and local building codes. With the completion of this step we will be able to provide a preliminary cost estimate.


Documentation & Permitting

Once we have an agreed design, and a comfortable estimate for the price of your home. We will create a permit ready set of drawings.  These documents will be used to acquire the necessary zoning and building permits with your local municipality. 


Time to go through this process varies with each local governing body.  We typically see a 3 month turnaround time.


Construction  (Pre-Fab in a Factory)

Once all building permits are pulled and finalized we can start construction.  The prefabricated modules will be built in an off-site manufacturing factory. At the same time the off-site production  is happening we will start the on site construction of your site. This includes ensuring adequate access, site clearing, excavation, installation of foundation elements, bringing in utility connections and any additional site features included in the design. The modules will be delivered and assembled once the foundations are in place. Then we will connect the house to the utility lines, sewer or septic, perform some interior touch-ups, apply the exterior cladding material and install the heating/AC appliances. Depending on the configuration of the home they may also need to install some flooring and/or the kitchen cabinetry. Approximately 5-8 months from the setting the foundations your home will be ready for handover, depending on the size of the home and complexity of the design.


Enjoy your House

Once all the work is done you can look forward to spending time in your new house. You can be sure you will enjoy spending time in your beautiful, incredibly high-performing, energy-efficient house.

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